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White Papers and Case Studies

White papers and case studies are effective ways to gain visibility and credibility for your technology, product, or service while building your -- and your company's-- reputation as an expert in your particular area. Writing effective white papers and case studies requires the ability to understand often complex subjects and ideas and then express them in an appropriate manner for a particular audience. For example, a  general corporate or professional audience needs a paper written in relatively general terms, explaining the subject matter in a more features-and-benefits manner that puts the topic in strategic context for what might be a largely C-level (CEO, CFO, CTO) audience.

A more technical audience, such as design engineers, product managers, VPs of product development, etc., often has a "show me" attitude that will require a white paper with more specifics, explanatory graphics, and other tools to create a detailed understanding.

Effective case studies showcase your company's understanding of its target audience's issues and challenges -- or "pains" -- and demonstrates how your products or services efficiently and cost-effectively address those "pains."

Here are three examples of white papers and a case study for very different subjects: 

White Paper: eCommerce order management software

White Paper: Network Latency

Case Study: Commercial Audio Equipment

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