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It is great when you work with a pro and get professional results. Thanks!


Jim Smith, President

EQ2, Incorporated



Great letter!  Close that file and send me the invoice. Thank you for your service, you nailed it once again.


Peter Gardner

Curry Printing


Jim has been a great resource on profiling WPI's alumni entrepreneurs for our entrepreneurship center. Two of his articles have been selected for publication in entrepreneurship books as case studies. What more can you ask for in terms of great publicity? He has been creative in his approach and always captures the essence of what we want portrayed in our stories. Trust me, he will give you all his effort in creating great work for you as well.


Gina M. Betti, Associate Director

WPI Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation



Hi, Jim,

Nice job! Good, solid info that our readers will enjoy. Thanks so much!


Maureen Patterson, Managing Editor




"Jim is my go-to guy! I can not say enogh about him. We try and keep a very high standard at Central Mass Web Design, and Jim meets our every expectation. Our clients love working with him. I personally enjoy every stage of the way. He is a 'No problem, we can do it' type of guy. His writing is flawless and his attention to detail amazing. I truly enjoy working with Jim, and use his services as often as possible."


Kim Veautour

Central Mass Web Design



Hi, Jim,

Your article really sets out the distinctions between PR and advertising very clearly, and I wonder if I may please quote extensively from it in my auto industry newsletter and the book on the global motor industry that I am currently preparing?


All the best,

Colin Hayes, Author


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