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Pressure-Activated Access Valves Help Meet Growing Need for Needle-Free Drug Delivery

The market for needle-free drug delivery is expected to grow approximately 20% in 2007, fueled in part by dramatic increases in patient and healthcare provider safety costs related to needle-stick injuries, increased patient comfort demands, and the rise in the use of alternate-care sites.

As a result, the growing use of needle-free drug delivery systems, such as infusion pumps, is creating an increased demand for needle-free components, including one-way access valves to facilitate drug delivery while preventing back flow. To meet this demand, NP Medical has designed a pressure-activated valve (PAV) for a variety of pump applications.

The PAV valve is composed of a sonically-welded, DEHP-free, thermoplastic body and a latex-free silicone diaphragm that is preloaded closed. The valve design only allows flow in one direction, checking flow in the opposite direction to prevent accidental retrograde flow.

The valve is designed to withstand high back pressure, features a wide range of opening pressures, and can operate in any orientation, making it ideal for use with most infusion pump systems. All materials are USP Class VI approved and can be gamma or EtO sterilized. The PAV is back-pressure tested to 45 psig and is 100% in-process tested for back flow and weld integrity.

NP Medical is a wholly-owned company of Nypro Inc., a world leader in integrated plastics manufacturing solutions, operating 67 companies in 18 countries. For more information, please visit

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