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New, Flexible Plastic Fiberoptic Ribbon Illumination Technology Ideal for Wide Range of Architectural Uses

A unique, low-profile, flat plastic optical fiber ribbon illumination system is being introduced by Amphenol for a wide range of architectural lighting applications including area lighting, safety illumination, and decorative design.

Available under the brand name TapeLite, this patented illumination technology enables long runs to be safely illuminated with no bulbs to burn out and no electricity needed in potentially hazardous or environmentally challenging areas.

The flexible, versatile lighting alternative features a flat, side-emitting fiberoptic cable designed to accept a wide range of illuminators including quartz halogen and metal halide lamps. For "green" building designs, the ribbon illumination system can be paired with a solar collector to provide non-electrical daytime lighting throughout an office building that can be switched for nighttime illumination to stored electrical power via a solar converter.

Decorative uses can feature color wheels added to provide a variety of constant and changeable color options. With many packaging and application Possibilities, TapeLite can even be coupled with computer-controlled RGB LEDs for creative, colorful, interactive visualizations and signage.

Key Advantages:

  • Remote power source keeps electrical components at a safe distance
  • Perfect for wet or hazardous environments
  • No bulbs to burn our or replace in the cable
  • Effectively lights wide, broad areas with a single source
  • Can be made as continuous long-length cable, or with sections of twisted pairs for selective areas of light emission
  • Widths up to 3 inches


  • Twisted pair 1mm PMMA plastic optical fiber (POF) construction
  • Parallel untwisted sections for easy and effective light launch into cable
  • Reflective laminate construction encapsulating the POF pairs
  • Clear PVC or PU extruded jackets available, flame retardant and UV resistant
  • .2" to 3" widths available

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