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News Release Writing

Press release writing is NOT about telling the world how great your product or service is. Well-written press releases inform the world about how your product or service is going to improve something for your potential customer or client -- income, productivity, efficiency, you name it. A strong, effective press release states in clear, compelling language why your product or service is important to your target market -- how it solves a problem specific and relevant to them -- without industry jargon or puffery.

Check out some sample press releases below:   

Fiberoptic illumination product introduced for a wide range of applications 

This press release announces a new fiberoptic illumination product designed for architectural entertainment, safety, and commercial applications. To make the release more effective, I revised it slightly for each industry to make it more relevant for a wide range of audiences and potential purchasers.
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National information technology consultant becomes first Google Authorized Training Center

A major information technology consultant and software developer becomes the first Google Authorized Training Center in the United States.
(Read the release...)


Medical device manufacturer addresses growing need for its type of products

A manufacturer of precision plastic medical components introduces a new line of fluid management valves by identifying the growing market need for improved healthcare employee safety.
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US medical equipment management software developer signs UK distribution agreement

A US developer of hospital equipment tracking and management software signs its first overseas distribution agreement.
(Read the release...)  

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