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Brochure Copywriting

Clear, concise, compelling copywriting can turn your brochures into brand-building tools that will set your company or organization part from the competition. The secret is to show your customers or clients how your products or services can solve their problems:

Precision Metrology Company

These precision metrology systems can save semiconductor fabricators thousands, even millions, of dollars  and help them speed new products to market in this highly competitive industry. The right content helps potential customers understand the advantage this technology provides over the competition.
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Hydrogen Manufacturer

This commercial hydrogen manufacturer developed a new process for making low-cost, pure hydrogen for clean tech, industrial, and fuel cell applications. 
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Eqyptian Software Developer

A Cairo-based developer of linguistic software needed help "Americanizing" its message to develop sales in North America. Individual product sheets were created to help tell its story of how only native Arabic speakers can create the most comprehensive, effective, accurate, and easy-to-use applications to help English-speaking companies and organizations analyze, manage, and extract meaning from Arabic documents.
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We provide content development and management for:

  • Web sites/Blogs
  • White papers/Case studies
  • Brand strategizing
  • Application stories
  • Sales & marketing materials
  • Audio/video scripts
  • Press releases & features
  • PowerPoint presentations